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Now keep your parents updated on Examination schedule, Vacation schedule, Events schedule, Special announcements, Student marks and attendance. The best part? Parents get this info over phone!
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A tele Helpdesk

       When a parent calls your number, they hear a guided voice over. Like, "Press 1 for examination schedule, Press 2 for events...." Parents don't need to know how to use the internet and access your website. They also don't need to know how to read your SMS. All information is relayed as simple voice over.

24/7 Availability

Parents don't have to search for that SMS you sent 1 week back to find if the coming Monday is a holiday. They can just call this number and get guided to their desired information any time and any day of the week from anywhere. All that they need is their phone and your phone number.

Snap Updates

We provide an account for your school on this website. Through our extremely simple interface, you can update the information 24/7. And that's it. This information is read out by our backend program and is immediately available via the automated tele helpdesk.